Do you know Bride's most asked Questions for Wedding Photographers?

February 1st, 2024

Wedding photography is a crucial part of any wedding, and brides often have a lot of questions for their potential photographers. Here are some of the most common questions brides ask:

  1. What is your photography style? My style is a mix of styles to capture the varying stages of a wedding that includes traditional, photojournalistic and candid, depending on what works best for the moment. I edit the images to be rich in color and tend to a warmer or richer tone.
  2. Can we see a full wedding album? Absolutely. We will gladly show you albums we have made of recent work that also provide examples of the albums included in our packages.
  3. What packages do you offer and what do they include? We have three standard packages and can also design a custom package to meet you specific requirements. The base package covers 8 hours,it includes an engagement session and our basic album. The top package provides 14 hours of coverage, and includes an engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, and the wedding day. It includes our top end leather bound premium album.  All albums also include a digital gallery of the delivered images.
  4. Do you have backup equipment? Yes. We bring two cameras, multiple flashes, and have duplicates of all other items needed to cover the day. We also bring an emergency kit to help deal with unexpected incidents. Yes things will happen!
  5. What happens if you're sick or unable to shoot our wedding? As a member of Austin Professional Photographers Association I have a network of over 50 local professional photographers that can step in and cover a wedding in the event I am not able to do it myself.
  6. How long after the wedding will we receive our photos? We guarantee delivery of the digital gallery within 4 weeks, but most often delivery it in less than 2.  Album delivery depends on the time to review the album design with you. Actual album production is less than a week once the design is approved.
  7. Can we give you a list of specific shots we want? Absolutely.  We have an example list to help brides think through all the pictures they want on the day and will work closely with you to create the list that you want on the day.
  8. How do you handle difficult lighting situations? Lighting can vary greatly depending on the season, location and time of day. We come equipped to deal with any lighting situation with flashes, scrims, reflectors and we also validate what is allowed at the location before we use flash.  Many churches do not allow flash to be used. In that case by using the right equipment in the venue we can capture the needed photos.
  9. Do you have insurance? Yes.  As a member of Professional Photographers of America I have full liability coverage. All our equipment covers full business insurance.
  10. What is your payment and cancellation policy? Once a couple has elected a package and signed the contract, we require a 50% retainer payment to reserve the wedding day for them exclusively. The remaining 50% is due 7 days before the wedding. All payments are handled electronically using a highly regarded payment service.

Our goal is to provide you with the best overall experience preparing for and experiencing your wedding day, with the least stress and receiving all the photos you wanted plus some special moments that cannot be planned, and an heirloom album you will treasure forever.

Some moments just happen, you cannot plan them all!
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