How to craft the perfect wedding - Insider secrets

February 1st, 2024

Did you know there's a secret recipe to planning a perfect wedding? Let's break it down, shall we?

Make Your Wedding Your Own

First things first, if you're looking for total control over your wedding plans, think twice before accepting money from your folks. It might sound harsh, but money sometimes comes with strings attached. Want to avoid the drama? If your parents offer financial support, make sure you have a candid chat about expectations and limits. And parents, remember: it's your kid's big day. Keep the focus on them, not your dream wedding.

The Favor Dilemma

Now let's talk about wedding favors. Here's the hard truth: most people won't miss them if you decide to cut them out. That’s a significant saving right there. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a leftover favor or two at the end of the night. If you do decide to go for it, pick something practical and useful. Just remember, those can add up.

The Sweet Side of Savings

Onto one of my favorite topics: cake. It's no secret that there's usually a ton of leftover cake after a wedding. So, do you really need a 4-5 tier cake? Why not save some dough (see what I did there?) and opt for a couple's cake instead. A sweet, small cake for the two of you to cut and share. And for your guests? Consider serving slices from a delicious sheet cake or even something a little more creative, like ice cream!

Smile for the Camera

Now let's address the family photo shoot. I've seen many brides and grooms stressed out trying to organize pictures with everyone from their second cousin to their godparents. Here's my advice: keep it simple. Stick with your immediate family. Your photographer can help you make a short list of the "must have" photos of the family. They're the ones you're most likely to frame and cherish anyway. As for the rest? There'll be plenty of opportunities for getting them during the reception.

Your photographer will capture the moments you willl never forget

Hire A Day-of Coordinator

When it comes to ensuring everything runs smoothly on your big day, my number one tip is to hire a day-of coordinator. This trusted person can handle any problems that crop up, coordinate everyone's movements, and answer all those last-minute questions. If this isn't an option, pick someone who's not in the wedding party to take on this role. You deserve to enjoy your wedding, not stress about the details.

Trimming the Guest List

Let's chat about your guest list, arguably one of the easiest ways to save money. Be selective. Only invite those who truly matter to you. Remember, it's quality over quantity. If each parent insists on inviting a handful of friends, costs can quickly spiral. So, set boundaries early on to avoid any surprise additions.

Your Day, Your Way

Remember, this is your wedding day. You get to call the shots. If there's something you're not comfortable with, don't do it. Whether that's throwing the bouquet or wearing a white dress, your happiness is paramount. Make it a day that reflects you as a couple.

Focus on the Marriage, Not Just the Wedding

Last but certainly not least, never lose sight of the bigger picture. If wedding planning is causing serious arguments, it's time to reassess. Remember, a wedding lasts for a day, but a marriage is for a lifetime. Your special day should be a celebration, setting you off on a lifetime of bliss, not bitterness. You don't want the memory of your wedding marred by stress and strain. It's about the love between you two, so keep that at the forefront of everything you do.

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