I'm engaged! Which vendors do I hire first?

February 1st, 2024

Hire your core vendors first (also know as vendors who only take 1 wedding per day).  These include:

  1. Venue. This is the anchor vendor that all the other vendors will ask about.  It impacts what you can do, styles, mood and overall feel of your wedding day. You mayweed to adjust your wedding date to get the venue you prefer if it is a popular location. Unless your date is set in stone, be open to a small adjustment to get the venue you prefer.
  2. Planner. The Planner is going to help you with all the details and will have referrals/recommendations for vendors and many other aspects of your day. Picking the planner that you get on well with and is comfortable with your style and idea for your wedding is critical.
  3. Photographer and Videographer. The good photographers and videographers are often booked 12, 18 to 24 months in advance. Find the ones that you can work with and whose work matches your style. See the details blog about picking a photographer.
  4. Entertainment.  The great DJ’s also get booked well in advance.  Do not miss out on the one you want because you left it too late.

Getting these core vendors locked down early will significantly reduce your stress.  They should all be able to help you with planning details and can offer advice when you have questions or conundrums to solve.

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