The Engagement Shoot

February 1st, 2024

Before your wedding day, you become engaged. It is the magic day that starts you on the road to your wedding day. Taking the time to get photographs to remember this important event is the start of your investment in your future life. Not only will you get some beautiful photographs of you and your partner, you will be able to get used to working with your photographer to get those wonderful shots. 


Have fun


Capturing your engagement photographs should be fun. Choose a place where you and your partner are very comfortable, maybe someplace you have great memories of previous visits. It is best to take the photographs late in the day, in the hour before sunset will be the best time. Ahead of time, make sure you can access the location at that time of the day. If the location is very popular and will have a lot of people around, you may want to consider doing the pictures just after sunrise instead when most folks are still asleep or just waking up. Remember it does not need to be outdoors, it could be indoors at a location you love to hang out, play and have fun. You may need to get permission from the location to take the photographs, but most places will love to accommodate you. Your photographer can take care of making sure this is set up.


Dress comfortably


Make sure you choose comfortable clothes. If you choose a park or outdoor location for your engagement photographs, pick shoes that allow you to walk wherever you need to go. Choose colors for your outfits you like and are comfortable wearing. If you are taking the shots late in the day, autumn colors, soft blues or greens will most likely work best.  You will almost likely want to frame and display some photographs for the session so consider the colors in your home decor.  You will want the clothing colors to complement your decor color scheme. Do not mix patterns.  If possible avoid stripes.


Go with the day


It may be beautiful and sunny every day except the day you plan to do the shoot. Depending on your lifestyle you may not have another opportunity to try again. If you cannot, relax, enjoy the conditions and make the best of it. Even if it rains, you can have a special day walking in the rain and having some very unique engagement photographs. Bring any props that you want included or are required for the location or activity you choose for the session. Remember the check with the photographer if the location has any requirements/permits that need to be met to take photographs there. Just make it fun!


It is practice for the big day


This will be a great opportunity for you to work with your photographer, getting comfortable posing and taking direction from them. You should practice relaxing in front of the camera. Most people are not fashion models and need to get comfortable with being photographed. Once you can relax, just do what comes naturally and forget the photographer is taking photographs, you will get the best images of the day. Expect those to be towards the end of the time you set aside for the session.

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