Things To Keep In Mind For Buying The Wedding Dress

February 1st, 2024

A beautiful dress is key to a perfect wedding. Every bride dreams of finding her dream dress that will make her look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. A dream dress can be found in many places, such as sample sales, local bridal shops, online retailers, or even through a personal stylist or consultant.

Once you have chosen the wedding theme and relevant details, it’s time to look for the gown! A good place to start is Pinterest. There will already be collections of dresses there for you to look through. There are also several good online bridal magazines with pages of dresses. Also fun is a traditional printed bridal magazine from your local bookstore. Grab some post-its and flag the ones you like best. Whatever method you use, narrow down until you have a few styles you like. If you pick just one, it might not actually work with your particular figure, so keep your options open until the trying-on stage.

A modern slim line fit with a short train

Popular wedding dresses can be quite costly, so it is important to take into consideration budget constraints. If your dress needs to be ordered, make sure the order is completed well in advance of the wedding date. It is essential not only to make sure it arrives on time, but fits perfectly. Alterations may be needed, especially if you’re dieting before the big day. Make minimal alteration changes, if any, and try to keep them as close to the original design of the dress as possible.

Shopping for a wedding dress should be a true win for the bride, but it can become quite stressful if not done properly. If you’re on a budget don't forget about sample sales – these are great opportunities for brides who are looking for a bargain on their dream dress! Sample sales are often held at bridal salons, and offer discounted prices on dresses that were used for photo shoots or runway shows. It's important to remember that sample gowns may not be in the best condition, so make sure you inspect the dress carefully before purchasing.

Even if you’re planning on buying online, you should take a trip to a local store to try gowns on. When making an appointment at the store or boutique, make sure that they stock wedding gowns in your size and silhouette. Try on different types to find out which style looks best on you and makes you feel beautiful. Bring a friend and/or a bridal consultant to the store, so they can help decide what looks best on you. A bridal consultant can provide helpful tips on how to select the perfect gown. You should feel comfortable with your shopping experience so having a knowledgeable and supportive bridesmaid or consultant can be extremely beneficial. With their help, you will be able to find a dress that you love and is within your budget.

Consider how the train complements the dress

If you’re buying from the boutique, inspect the gown carefully for any stains or tears before purchasing it. Ask them if they have any suggestions on how to best care for the gown while it is being stored with them prior to pick up. The bridal shop should also be able to answer questions related to specific care instructions based on which fabric was used in making the gown. Also, ask if the dress shop offers any services such as steaming or repairs for your gown. Finally, make sure to inquire about the length of the train and any unexpected rise in neck design. This will help protect your wedding gown from damage caused by tugging at it too much.  

On your wedding day, it is important to make sure that your dress fits correctly and isn't too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, you won't be able to move comfortably and if it is too loose, you may snag the fabric on something. Additionally, make sure that your makeup and hairstyle are properly done before putting on the dress as those items can stain or damage the fabric. Invest in translucent powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day as well as setting spray for makeup that will last all night long and help keep makeup from getting on your dress.

Remember to take your wedding shoes to the fitting!

Don’t forget about any special undergarments like Spanx that you may need. It's important to wear undergarments that protect both the dress and yourself from any bodily fluids! Make sure to book an appointment at a reputable dry cleaner for a professional cleaning prior to wearing it for the big day. Lastly, be aware of your surroundings when wearing the dress; avoid areas with sharp objects like plants or decorations so as not to catch anything on it. Keep your bouquet away from the dress and make sure to place everything in a safe place such as inside the closet or on the bed. Do not eat or drink anything near the dress! Keep these things in mind to ensure that your gown looks beautiful and perfect on your special day!

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