Your Bridal emergency kit for the day!

February 1st, 2024

Over the years of photographing weddings  I learned that having an emergency kit is a critical item to have.  I now carry a kit with me to every wedding to help deal with some the issues that invariably occur.

There is a lot going on that day, lots of people doing many last minute tasks, and in some case they may have partaken in some relaxing tipple! We have seen many things tear, break, go missing and you need to either repair or improvise.  Having an emergency kit will make dealing with the unplanned events a lot easier. Here are things you should have in your kit:

  • A small sewing kit. It can be used to repair tears and seams that split. The scissors will be handy to cut something that needs to be opened or released.
  • Fashion tape for sensitive skin.  It will be useful at some point.
  • Print out your timeline for the day. While not everything will go exactly as planned, having a plan allows you to quickly adjust and remind folks when they should be doing something.
  • Printed list of all the vendor contacts. Hopefully it will not be needed but is good to have on hand.
  • Crochet hook. Sometimes it is the best way to get challenging hooks together.
  • Pads. (just incase)
  • First aid kit.  Hopefully it will not be needed, except maybe for pain killers!
  • Tissues.
  • Deodorant.
  • Sunscreen if you plan an outdoor wedding in a sunny location.
  • Small hairbrush.
  • Medications: Tums, pain and allergy medication. Handy if needed.
  • Regular scissors.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Safety pins for keeping things in place when they don’t want to!
  • Mini lint roller to get rid of pesky stuff on suits and other clothing.
  • Lotion
  • Roll of transparent sticky tape.
  • Roll of Duct tape. 
  • Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate. I recently heard about a couple that needed a copy.  When they got to the church, the church staff had misplaced/lost the original!
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